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Bruse Pure - General Information

For purest drinking water

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Because you love your health: Bruse Valves

Drinking water must be pure and free from contaminations; we need it every day. We therefore use the unique properties of the lead-free copper-zinc alloy CUPHIN® for our valves.

Optimal purity – today and tomorrow

CUPHIN® complies with the future legal requirements on maintaining pure drinking water already now. What’s more, the fitting material we use drastically reduces the development of germs. Scientific studies (German Copper Institute ») clearly demonstrate: copper surfaces effectively prevent the growth of bacteria and germs.

Environmentally friendly

By using copper we preserve scarce raw material resources: CUPHIN® is very durable and corrosion-resistant. This makes it ideal for complete recycling in an efficient recycling system.

Sensible energy preservation

Thanks to the effective reuse CUPHIN® has one of the most favourable energy balances of all industrial materials in regard to the total manufacturing process. An additional protection of resources and the environment.

A lead-free home with Bruse valves

Lead-free home installation

A home is a place of comfort and safety. But does this include the drinking water? Lead pipes are still found in many older buildings. The first mandatory step is to replace these pipes.  Commercially available shut-off valves, mixing batteries and faucets may contaminate the drinking water in home installations, e.g. through migration and corrosion. 

CUPHIN® provides security

We use the advanced copper-zinc alloy CUPHIN® for our lead-free valves. We thereby provide a safe solution for your home installations protecting the drinking water in a sustained manner to ensure a hygienic and health home.

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