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Lathe-turned parts

The production of lathe-turned parts according to customer-specific sketches and precisely defined client quality requirements are daily challenges for our highly qualified precision engineering team.

Various brass alloys, dezincification-resistant and lead-free brass, gunmetal, machining steel, stainless steel and aluminium are all processed at Bruse.

•   Lathe-turned manufactures from drawn rods up to 65 mm Ø

•   Manufacture of brass or aluminium rod sections/drop forged
     parts (max. 250 mm Ø, 500 mm long and
     weighing 6,000 g)

•  Component installation according to customer requirements

•   Fittings for gas applications

Optimized operational weights form the basis of each manufacturing and processing technique, in which our multi-spindle, single-spindle and CNC precision technology is used, which guarantees the highest quality.