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Hot forged parts

When manufacturing hot forged parts we fullfill highest customer requirements – state-of-the-art machines, highly qualified staff and precise quality requirements guarantee complete customer satisfaction.

By drop forging (hot forging) in our in-house hot forge full and hollow parts weighing around 5,000 g are created at temperatures that are adjusted to the materials used. Various copper-zinc alloys (brass) as well as low dezincification and modern, lead-free brass alloys are processed in accordance with DIN 50930-6.

Due to their high corrosion resistance, these materials are a good alternative to gunmetal. A high level of pressure density, stability and a grindable, polishable surface put forged parts way above cast parts. The subsequent processing of the forged parts is carried out using a modern rotating multi-way machine or dependant on the component on flexible CNC processing centres.